Infants (6 wks – 12 mo)


Infants are growing and learning on a daily basis. They will reach and accomplish many milestones at this stage in their lives. Infants learn best by using their senses – seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling and feeling. They use their senses to explore and learn on a daily basis.

Our program encourages infants to explore and expand their curiosity and develop competence and confidence. Our infants are divided into classes based on age and physical development. Younger infants (infant A) are generally babies 6 weeks of age and not yet mobile. Once a baby can crawl, scoot, and move they go to the infant B classroom where ther remain until they are 1 and walking. In addition to the below skills, we encourage our older infants in becoming mobile and introduce them to a schedule similar to what they will have in the toddler room. Our caregivers establish positive, warm and nurturing relationships with the children. They will observe and interact with your child to encourage interests, developmental progress and abilities. Listed below are many of the skills your child will develop while in the infant room.

  • Grasping
  • Making eye to eye contact
  • Responding to voices
  • Rolling over
  • Exploring
  • Standing while holding onto something
  • Scooting forwards and backwards
  • Pulling up to a sitting position
  • Crawling
  • Using fingers to grasp
  • Standing alone
  • Walking holding onto furniture
  • Feeding themselves
  • Waving bye-bye
  • Lifting their head
  • Smiling
  • Using facial expressions
  • Laughing
  • Sitting up
  • Holding a bottle
  • Holding objects in hands
  • Playing games such as peek – a – boo
  • Imitating sounds/first words
  • Pointing to simple body parts
  • Sign Language