Pre-K (4 yrs)


Four year old children learn through hands on activities that allow them to explore and interact with the environment around them. They need stimulating and challenging activities to help understand the world around them. At this age they are easily motivated and eager to learn about their environment. Our program provides an environment that meets their social, emotional, physical and intellectual needs. Our teachers are facilitators that guide and nurture your child. Listed below are many of the skills that will be covered while in the Four Year Old Room.

  • prints and recognizes first name
  • recite the alphabet
  • recognizes the alphabet
  • begins to write the alphabet
  • recognizes colors
  • recognizes shapes
  • cuts with scissors
  • coloring with different media
  • rote counting to 20
  • recognizing numbers 1-10
  • listening and following directions
  • balancing, jumping, hopping and running
  • riding a tricycle
  • throwing and catching a ball
  • introduce opposites
  • playing in groups
  • self-awareness and shows self-confidence
  • building with blocks
  • puzzles
  • dresses self
  • begin to zip, button and snap
  • colors within a given space
  • putting together 5-6 word sentences